Bake Sale #1

VSA Bake Sale is back!!! Join us on the second floor lobby with some sweet treats! There will be Classic Cake Rolls in 3 different flavors - Classic, Chocolate, Matcha! Pair that up with a cup of Viet Iced Coffee for another unforgettable experience with VSA!

Pho Night

Since it’s getting colder and schools been getting a bit more gloomier, come enjoy a big bowl of Pho with VSA! We promise you it’ll be pho-nomenal! If you’re not feeling Pho, then there is going to be other dietary options available!

Game Night

Why play Fortnite when you can come to Game Night? Instead of building forts, you can combat the cold by building relationships and meeting new friends! What better way to warm up than engaging in the sizzle of competitive spirit with interactive games and activities? We guarantee that you will feel like a winner even if you lose because losing while having fun is a win in our books!

Fan Dancing Workshop

Put on your dancing shoes because VSA’s Fan Dancing Workshop is here to get you movin’! This year, we’re adding a modern twist by fusing the intensity of urban dance with the picturesque visuals of fan dancing. So be prepared to bust some moves out and get your groove on. But don’t worry, because no dance experience is needed, just your beautiful selves!!

Plaid Day

Passage to Vietnam

Passage to Vietnam serves to highlight Vietnamese culture and gives a glimpse of all of Baruch VSA’s activities throughout the semester in one large event. It is structured as a carnival-like event, showcasing the Vietnamese traditions and cultural flairs. Passage to Vietnam will consist of multiple informative and interactive booths of games, infographics and food to bring awareness to the multiple facets that the Vietnamese culture has to offer. Booths such as fan-dancing, traditional games and refreshments such as Vietnamese coffee, summer rolls and other Vietnamese food will be available for students to get a taste of what VSA does. This event embodies VSA’s core values of Culture, Family, Community and Fun! It is opened to everyone, as it serves to introduce the Baruch student body to the Vietnamese culture.

GBM: Conferences

Alumni Night

One of the core values of The Vietnamese Student Association is family, and family means no one gets left behind or forgotten, which is why we want to bring back our alumni for the night! Our alumni, many of whom have played tremendous roles in building the foundation of our club, can give our new members some words of wisdom on topics from how to get through college to how to manage your time and get a job once they graduate. It will be a fun night full of learning and meeting great and successful people. All Baruch students are welcomed to come and learn from our alumni! Refreshments will be served.

Baruch VSA Goes to Binghamton Miss VSA

This year again we will be visiting Binghamton VSA’s annual Miss Asia! Feel free to come and visit another Northeast school.

Please RSVP via this google form as there are limited spots:


Light the Night Walk

Come join us this Saturday at Flushing where we will be attending Light the Night walk! The purpose of Light the Night walk is to bring light to the darkness of cancer through research and cures. The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society exists to find cures and treatments for blood cancer patients. By attending the walk, we are making a step together to fight off blood cancer.

To join our team, click the link below (You must create an account first, or sign in through FB/Google):

After you joined our team, please fill out this form so we know who is attending:


Bake Sale #2 - Halloween

Trick or Treat! VSA is back again with another bake sale to celebrate Halloween with you! Come to the second floor lobby and get yourself a spooky cupcake! Want more? VSA’s Whoopie Pies are also back! See you there!