Gia Dinh Program

The Gia Dinh / Family Program aims to help create a bond between members that resemble that of a family. We know that college is sometimes daunting with not only school work, but challenging in social aspects as well. We want members (new and old) to always feel like they are coming into events and meetings welcomed with open arms and love. This program will help build strong connections and bonds between members which make for a strong organization.

For the 2019-2020 school year, our Gia Dinh Program will be on a rolling basis. This means that members can join anytime and be placed into a family.

To join our Gia Dinh Program, fill out the google form: 

If interested in becoming a Family Leader, contact an e-board member for more information!

Anh Chi Em Program (ACE)

Anh: Older Brother | Chi: Older Sister | Em: Younger Sibling

Baruch VSA’s Anh Chi Em (ACE) program assists members in the Vietnamese Student Association, who are new to or unfamiliar with Baruch College, adjust to the academic and social aspects of college. This super-fun family program aims to help first-year or transfer students but is open to any member who wishes to participate. Students are paired with an upper-class mentor who is high-achieving and active in the organization. Baruch VSA’s ACE program strives to promote meaningful mentoring relationships between our members, enhancing their college experiences and connect them to the Vietnamese Culture. 

Interested in ACE? Apply here!

Shadow Program

The Shadow Program is a semester long initiative dedicated to building the next generation of student leaders that will carry out our organization’s mission and goals. By providing resources for leadership & professional development, opportunities for growth, we know members will gain and sharpen their skills necessary to ensure a successful transitioning to be on the Executive Board. The goal of this program is for individual shadowers to rack up experience in preparation for the Executive Board elections in April/May.

Eligibility for Shadow Program:

  1. Be an active member 

  2. Be a freshmen or sophomore or junior

  3. Not rushing, pledging, or serving a term as a board member for another Baruch club or collegiate organization

If interested, apply here!