The Shadow Program is a semester long initiative dedicated to building the next generation of student leaders that will carry out our organization’s mission and goals. By providing resources for leadership & professional development, as well as opportunities for growth, we know members will gain and sharpen their skills necessary to ensure a successful transitioning to be on the Executive Board.              

The Spring 2017 Shadow Program will consist of one-on-one shadowing.

Each e-board member will have the option of choosing who shadows them. The maximum amount of shadows per board member is 2. E-board members will be responsible for assigning tasks to the shadows. The program will allow shadows to formulate and implement 1 to 2 events during the spring semester (with proper supervision).


~ Monthly meetings to update us on what you have learned
~ Leading one or two events (Under the supervision of the current e-board)
~ Bi-weekly projects on VSA

Eligibility for Spring 2017 Shadow Program:

1) Be an active member (attendee of at least 2/3 of events)
2) Be a freshmen or sophomore or junior
3) Must not be active in other organizations

NOTE: Applying does not guarantee that you will be a shadow! Participating in either or both Shadow Programs does not guarantee a Board position.

Click here for our constitution and contains the roles and responsibilities of every E-board member.


Interested in being a shadow? Click Here!


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact either Kenneth or Kent.