Executive Board for 2017-2018
President - blossom Chen
Vice President - Maggie li
CO-TREASURER - tam phuong
CO-TREASURER - andy huang
SECRETARY - ruthie figueroa
VP of Events - james wang
vp of marketing - nick tartaglia 
social mediA chair -  melissa alonso
SOCIAL Chair - alex korompis
FUNDRAISING chair - wayne chim
HISTORIAN -  jonathan lin
philanthropy chair -  james chan
graphics chair - vacant

How to apply

1) Election season is typically held at the beginning of May. This is the end of every academic year. All active members are eligible to vote. Instructions will be posted on here and Facebook for the application process.

2) In the case that a current board member leaves their seat during the year, he/she will nominate a member to succeed them. If the nominee isn't approved by the rest of the current board, then the President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary will conduct an impromptu application process.


Click here for the Constitution/Executive Board Roles & Responsibilities!