The Vietnamese Student Association at Baruch College welcomes everyone with open arms!

 How do you become a member? Great question! You will count as a member if you have made it to at least 3 events in a semester. Feel free to ask the President or Vice-President for any member-related questions.

Essential Membership Information:

1) We have no ethnicity requirements. (Half of the 2019-2020 members are non-Vietnamese!)

2) We have no GPA requirements.

3) Be a Baruch College student.

4) No hazing of ANY kind is tolerated! 

5) We encourage you to be friendly and open to meeting others.

6) Be respectful of others. (Share love, Give love, Spread love)

7) Have fun!


Members are considered active if they attend at least two-thirds of the events listed in our "events" section, up to the current date. Say for example, VSA has hosted/co-hosted 3 events, and you came to 2 of those 3, then you will be considered an active member.

If you begin coming to events in the middle of the year (after the first event, which is Fall GIM #1), then this "two-thirds" clause for active membership applies after your first event (even if it's in the middle of the year ^__^).

Active membership status refreshes every academic year. Those who previously came out to events and had regular or active membership status will automatically counted as regular (non-active) members until they fulfill the active membership requirement.